New Alignment Locks from Progressive Outlast Others

Progressive Components first introduced “black and gold” locks nearly 25 years ago. And while others, from Europe to China, have copied the look, Progressive now introduces a series that offers additional features and performance benefits.

The Z-Series Alignment Locks have been engineered to outperform other styles. This is achieved through a combination of engagement geometry, materials and treatments, particulate capturing, and lubrication distribution.

Benefits include:
• Longevity that far surpasses others, confirmed by extensive independent lab testing as well as monitoring performance in harsh, ‘real world’ conditions.
• Exclusive features maintain clean and consistent lubrication
• Guide Lock, Side Lock and Top Lock styles available.

“We’re tremendously excited about this product,” states Ken Rumore from Progressive’s Engineering team. “A lab we use for independent testing has what we refer to as ‘the Side Lock Eating Machine’. Anything that is thrown at it gets chewed up and spit out. But this series, through a combination of engagement geometry, lubrication and materials, remains unscathed in the harshest environment that was created.”

Ken coauthored the patent on this series with Glenn Starkey, Progressive’s president and director of engineering.

“I’ll admit that when we saw these results, and then tested and retested, we were ecstatic,” states Starkey. “Field testing then confirmed that we have something special here with this combination of features. We’re driven to supply mold builders with the last lock their customers’ molds will ever need. That’s where we got the Z-Series name from.”

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