Progressive Announces its New Z-Series Bar Locks

Progressive Components announces its new Z-Series Bar Locks, giving mold designers a standard “off-the-shelf” solution for alignment of large molds and multi-plate sequencing tools. Z-Series Bar Locks deliver the maximum amount of guidance and support for the minimum amount of machining required.

Bar Locks provide long-term precision registration of plates, and for long-lasting durability and wear resistance, they feature Z-Series proprietary treatments, engagement ramp geometry and particle rings on the guiding surfaces.

“Z-Series Bar Locks are ideal for use in molds where longer and more robust alignment is required,” explained Ken Rumore, Senior Design Engineer. “This includes molds for parts that have very tall cores that engage quickly. Bar Locks are ideally suited for large automotive molds, stack molds, three plate molds, and stripper plate molds.”

Other notable features include:
  • Bar Locks can be configured many ways and parts can be ordered individually to suit the specific application.
  • Bar Locks are available in 4 standard widths and lengths up to 16” long.
  • Bar Locks allow alignment to take place before tall cores engage at mold close, versus leader pins, which do not provide the same precision to accurately align the mold halves and prevent damage to cores and shutoffs.
  • Custom Bar Locks are available upon request.

  • The significance of this industry-leading performance is illustrated by the independent lab testing data that is available at Additionally, visitors can also access supporting articles and catalog pages.

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