MoldTrax 6 - Maintenance Tracking System

MoldTrax 6 is the only injection mold maintenance program designed to track the financial, performance and maintenance histories of plastic injection molds. It is also the only software system capable of generating the required worksheets necessary in establishing a pro-active tool room, and can easily be adapted to track a variety of tools and create customized financial reports. 

Find out more information about MoldTrax below. Download an informative and educational PowerPoint presentation that provides background information on Mold Maintenance Practices and the advantages of using MoldTrax.

Mold Finish Guide - Steel Insert Examples

Manufactured by Bales Mold Service, this SPI Mold Finish Guide shows several finishes, including several diamond comparisons for measurement of tooling surfaces.

The gauge is easy to read and includes data on the back to cross-reference the Roughness Average (RA) and SPI scales.

Mold Finish Guide - Molded Plastic Examples

Molded, ABS plastic plaque, 8-1/2 x 11, showing typical finishes to aid in communication with customers. Includes A-1, A-2, A-3, B-1, B-2, B-3, C-1, C-2, C-3, D-1, and D-3 finishes.


Introduction to Mold Making includes a comparison of common molding processes of injection molding and injection molds; molds for die casting; standard mold components; producing cavities, mold actions, runners, gates, and vents; cooling and heating molds; surface finishes for molds; fabrication materials for molds; mold problems and solutions; and mold repair techniques. Also includes a glossary of terms and tables/conversions. Introduces the reader to basic concepts of plastic mold building. Also covers compression molding of thermoset plastics, blow molding, and rubber molding.

117 pages.
Written by Eric L. Buckleitner.

What is a Mold? is a thorough introduction to Plastic Injection Molding and Injection Mold Construction.

Topics covered include: description of common plastics and their uses, the injection molding machine and molding process, detailed functional characteristics of components within the mold, cold and hot runner systems, and full glossary.

121 pages.
Written by Len Graham

Moldmaking and Die Cast Dies for Metalworking Trainees presents moldmaker trainees with basic fundamentals of mold construction with an emphasis on plastics molds, as well as die cast dies and rubber molds.

This guide also defines and describes the types and parts of common molds along with properties of common molding materials and processes.

306 pages.
Written by John Kluz