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Progressive’s SRTs reliably hold side actions from 2 to 80 lbs (1 to 36 kg). The SRTs feature an unprecedented compact design which allows installation in the mold base or the wear plate, providing the maximum amount of holding power in the minimum amount of space.



"We use Progressive's SRTs in our tools as other methods have failed in the past, and caused damage to our molds.”

~Andy Baker, Byrne Tool + Design

"Progressive's SRTs are better quality than other slide retainers available. Our moldmakers like them becasue they do their job holding the slides open, they are small and easy to fit on a slide when space is limited.”

~Bob Joy, Choice Tool & Mold


Reliable Slide Holding Capacity


CamAction 300-400 Series

To maintain the slide position during the 'mold open' stage, Progressive's CA-300, CA-350 and the CA-400 are offered with an SRT installed, and availalbe off-the-shelf.


SRT Catalog Pages

Progressive's SRT slide retention design features color-coded springs to indicate force rating, and the compact design allows for installation in a mold base or wear plate.


SRT CAD Downloads

Download Progressive Component's mold-ready CAD Geometry files in 2D and 3D formats including AutoCAD, DXF, IGES, ACIS, STEP, Parasolid and Solidworks.


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